If the paperwork for a single wind turbine takes six years, how do we manage the sustainable transformation of our economy by 2030?

Codefy provides the answer.

The justice system is clogged up with Diesel lawsuits. The approval of the construction of wind turbines takes over five years. We have a problem: Complex procedures and large volumes of documents overburden key decision makers. This hinders the path to a just society and securing a habitable planet.

While the bureaucratic complexity increases, the shortage of workers is growing. By 2030 baby boomers will have retired. What remains is a world whose productivity is severely endangered due to skills shortage.

This is why we create intelligent technologies which allow people to make better decisions in less time. We work against the skills shortage and enable people to find solutions for current challenges.

We are not only CO2-positive, but also deliberately work with companies that promote tackling the climate crisis, a sustainable economy and a fair society. This is why we provide our technology to economic sectors with big sustainable potential and work with German courts and political institutions.

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RA Tianyu Yuan


Tianyu Yuan is a lawyer and roboticist. As a lawyer he worked for leading international business law firms in Europe and Asia. He is an expert in artificial intelligence in law and legal tech. He is co-founder of a legal tech start up in the field of digital legal training and knowledge transfer.

Dr. Carsten Günther


Carsten Günther is an expert in digital speech processing. He has gained diverse experience in language recognition, understanding and generation. He has substantial leadership skills in the tech industry, particularly in innovation management.

RA Jakub Szypulka

Chief Product Officer

Jakub L. Szypulka is a lawyer and has diverse practical experience as a full-stack developer. Apart from multiple programming languages, he speaks eight natural languages. He is technical co-founder of a legal tech start up in the field of automation of mass procedures.