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View all contract risks in 10 minutes.

With the Codefy Hybrid AI® you can automatically
check tenders for legal, technical and business risks.

Ministries, leading companies
and legal service providers work with Codefy.

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1. Problem

Why does Codefy exist?

Why does Codefy exist?

Successful risk management is vital.

Claude Patrick Jeutter

Particularly since the insolvencies of large construction companies such as Philipp Holzmann AG, risk management has increasingly moved into focus.

Claude-Patrick Jeutter, CEO Porr Germany

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Liability-relevant risks can be hidden anywhere in tender documents and endanger the profitability of the whole construction project.

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In addition, there are the massive staff costs associated with tender review and tender costing. 

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Labor shortage

By 2030, a significant proportion of today's skilled workers will retire. This is already leading to massive productivity losses and will become even more acute.

What does Codefy offer?

Tender review with artificial intelligence.

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Codefy is a high-tech solution that reduces the time for a tender review from many hours to less than 15 minutes.

With the Codefy Hybrid AI® you can examine very extensive tenders and project documents for legal, business and technical risks efficiently and thoroughly.

View 1,000 pages in 1 second

Never click through endless individual documents again. With Codefy you can find any content that you need to make a decision within seconds.

Avoid risks through Intelligent review assistants

With our AI review assistants you can search through tender documents faster, automate repetitive checks with the Codefy Hybrid AI® and ensure quality.

Collaborate directly on the documents

With comments, markups and mentions you can structure documents by content, assign tasks and resolve questions directly on the document content. 

What can Codefy be used for?

Efficiency from acquisition to warranty.

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Perform a rapid analysis during the acquisition and offer phase with Codefy AI assistants to uncover critical risks early on and act accordingly.

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Ensure that all colleagues can find relevant information within seconds as soon as questions come up during the execution and warranty phase.

Application examples

  • AI-supported review for legal, business and technical risks
  • Automatic analysis of services to be included in the calculation
  • Appointment management and financial planning management
  • Subcontractor management
  • Supplement management
  • General contract management
  • Arbitration and process management

Experience Codefy in use.

What our customers say.

Peter Götz
Peter GötzGeneral Counsel
Max Bögl Group
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Paving the way for legal tech in construction
For us, state-of-the-art digitalization means: AI-supported review of complex construction contracts. We are convinced that with Codefy we have found the right partner to fulfill this ambitious goal.
Markus Schrödl
Markus SchrödlGeneral Counsel
Max Bögl Group
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Risk management with AI
Codefy's AI helps us make a risk-based pre-selection for extensive construction contracts. The cross-document context search systematically works through a risk checklist in a matter of seconds so that projects with very critical contract terms can be identified at an early stage.

Shaping digitalisation.

As recognised experts in the field of digitalization, artificial intelligence and legal innovation, we are part of the editorship and advisory board of renowned journals and publish articles regularly.
We are happy to share this expertise with you.

REthinking Law 2022/5,
Handelsblatt Fachmedien:

REthinking Law 2022/3,
Handelsblatt Fachmedien:

REthinking Law 2021/2,
Handelsblatt Fachmedien:
Editorship and lead article.

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WIR SIND ein Tech-Startup aus Heidelberg mit Schwerpunkten in den Bereichen Natural Language Processing, Text Analytics und Search. Wir arbeiten an innovativen Software-Tools für Juristen.
WIR SIND ein Tech-Startup aus Heidelberg mit Schwerpunkten in den Bereichen Natural Language Processing, Text Analytics und Search. Wir arbeiten an innovativen Software-Tools für Juristen.

WIR SUCHEN motivierte Studierende (m/w/d) mit Lust auf Innovation im Schnittstellenbereich zwischen Technologie und Recht, die uns im Rahmen eines Softwarepraktikums kennenlernen möchten. (Eine Anrechnung des Praktikums als Studienleistung ist möglich.).

WIR BIETEN bedeutsame Aufgaben in einem Team hochqualifizierter Informatiker und Juristen, flexible Praktikumszeiten und die Perspektive, Teil unseres Teams zu werden.
Bewerbungen sind per Mail an yuan@codefy.de zu richten. Der Bewerbung sind eine kurze Schilderung der Motivation sowie ein Lebenslauf unter besonderer Hervorhebung der Programmierkenntnisse beizufügen.

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