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As technology experts with experience in the legal industry, we advise the judiciary, leading companies and legal service providers on how to set themselves up for success in a digitalised future. 

Your consultants

Your consultants

RA Tianyu Yuan

As a sought after expert in the field of legal tech and artificial intelligence in law, Tianyu Yuan looks back on broad experience in internationally leading business law firms. He has been working in legal tech and innovation in law for over half a decade.

Dr. Carsten Günther

Dr. Carsten Günther has been shaping projects in the field of artificial intelligence and IT in an international context for over 30 years. He has substantial management experience in international companies and is an expert in the creation of AI-based business models.

How can we best support you?

Professional expertise

  • Knowledge Management

    Knowledge is the most important production factor of every legal institution. We will help you handle this valuable asset even better and more successfully.

  • Legal data strategy

    In an increasingly digital world, a smart data strategy is more important than ever. We on the way to use your data sustainably and successfully.

  • Legal Tech

    Legal tech is transforming the legal industry. As legal tech experts, we can advise you on the selection and rollout of the legal tech solution that best fits your company.

  • Legal Operations

    We know how to provide legal services effectively and efficiently. With us, you can implement legal operations successfully in your company.

Management competence

  • Design Thinking

    We know how to find innovative solutions for complex problems. To do this, we use established methods from the field of Design Thinking to develop a solution with you that elegantly solves your problem.

  • Lean UX

    We empower you to create solutions that meet your need. We use Lean UX to go beyond Design Thinking and put our findings into practice. This is how we create a technological solution that solves your problem.

  • Lean Management

    Everyday we strive to use our resources in the most efficient way possible in order to optimise costs and make the biggest impact. This is exactly how we will work with you in every consulting project.

  • Six Sigma

    A significant part of added value lies in the smart creation of new processes and the intelligent improvement of already established processes. Again we rely on the state-of-the-art and use Sigma.

Shaping digitalisation.

As recognised experts in the field of digitalization, artificial intelligence and legal innovation, we are part of the editorship and advisory board of renowned journals and publish articles regularly.
We are happy to share this expertise with you.

REthinking Law 2022/5,
Handelsblatt Fachmedien:

REthinking Law 2022/3,
Handelsblatt Fachmedien:

REthinking Law 2021/2,
Handelsblatt Fachmedien:
Editorship and lead article.

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WIR SIND ein Tech-Startup aus Heidelberg mit Schwerpunkten in den Bereichen Natural Language Processing, Text Analytics und Search. Wir arbeiten an innovativen Software-Tools für Juristen.
WIR SIND ein Tech-Startup aus Heidelberg mit Schwerpunkten in den Bereichen Natural Language Processing, Text Analytics und Search. Wir arbeiten an innovativen Software-Tools für Juristen.

WIR SUCHEN motivierte Studierende (m/w/d) mit Lust auf Innovation im Schnittstellenbereich zwischen Technologie und Recht, die uns im Rahmen eines Softwarepraktikums kennenlernen möchten. (Eine Anrechnung des Praktikums als Studienleistung ist möglich.).

WIR BIETEN bedeutsame Aufgaben in einem Team hochqualifizierter Informatiker und Juristen, flexible Praktikumszeiten und die Perspektive, Teil unseres Teams zu werden.
Bewerbungen sind per Mail an yuan@codefy.de zu richten. Der Bewerbung sind eine kurze Schilderung der Motivation sowie ein Lebenslauf unter besonderer Hervorhebung der Programmierkenntnisse beizufügen.

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