Codefy System

Hybrid AI® Analyse-Infrastruktur

Every day you need to make the right decisions quickly while not overlooking any risks. Codefy helps you get there faster, safer and with less work.

Instantly spot everything important

in 1.000 documents.

No more clicking through endless documents.
Our intelligent search engine shows you the important content instantly and at a glance.

Automate complex reviews

with full transparency.

With Codefy you can create workflows and checklists that we transform into an AI assistant. This makes reviews not only more thorough, but also much faster – from day one.


without mailbox chaos.

Leave the mailbox ping pong behind. You can assign tasks, ask questions and get answers by posting tags and comments directly on the content.

Experience Codefy in use.

Performant search

  • Instant search

    Automatic cross-document search that already shows results while you’re still typing.

  • Snippet view

    Immediate display of the discovered text passages at a glance.

  • Semantic search

    Cross-document search for clauses and text passages with similar content.

Intelligent document review

  • Codefy Hybrid AI™ assistant

    Intelligent assistant for reviewing legal and other requirements with artificial intelligence. Efficient use from day one without time-consuming training.

  • Report generator

    Configuration and automatic generation of reports. Report structures are individually adapted to customers needs.

Collaboration in real time

  • Comments

    Comments function for text passages, documents and folders. Mention coworkers to send them notifications.

  • Project management

    Definition of work processes and responsibilities via documents and folders.

  • Live collaboration

    Real time collaboration on the content. Authorisation management for people in Codefy work spaces.

Structuring of content

  • Content tagging

    Cross-document annotation of text passages, diagrams and drawings with written labels (tags).

  • Tag editor

    Hierarchical structuring of cross-document tags to model check lists, test schemes and work processes.

Document organisation

Document organisation

  • Document management

    Supports hierarchical folder structures.

  • Supported data formats

    PDF, Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook emails, ZIP and many more image and text formats.

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

    Advanced automatic text recognition in scanned documents.

Deployment and operation

  • On Premises Deployment

    Local set-up and installation of Codefy in your own IT infrastructure.

  • Dedicated server

    Set-up of a Codefy instance on a server specifically configured for you from a leading German and ISO 27001 certified IT infrastructure provider.

  • Cloud operation

    Modern cloud access with exclusive operation at leading ISO 27001 certified German providers with server locations in Germany.

Experience Codefy in use.

Customized services

S Betrieb und Services

Technical adaptation

Optimal adaptation of our solution to your needs.

Icon Codefy einsetzen

Contentual configuration

Adjustment of Codefy to your workflows.

Icon Fuer wen ist Codefy

Full availability

Comprehensive service around the ongoing operations.

What our customers say about Codefy.

Peter Götz
Peter GötzGeneral Counsel
Max Bögl Group
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Paving the way for legal tech in construction
For us, state-of-the-art digitalization means: AI-supported review of complex construction contracts. We are convinced that with Codefy we have found the right partner to fulfill this ambitious goal.
Dr. Benedikt M. Quarch, M.A.
Dr. Benedikt M. Quarch, M.A.Co-Founder und Managing Director
RightNow Group
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Next level knowledge management
As a highly efficient legal tech company, a performant knowledge management is very important to us. We have tried many solutions. With Codefy we have finally found what we're looking for.
Stefan Beßling
Stefan Beßling Managing Partner
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High speed contract analysis
Codefy does not only speed up our contract analysis immensely, but it secures the quality of our work results and improves it further.
Markus Schrödl
Markus SchrödlGeneral Counsel
Max Bögl Group
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Risk management with AI
Codefy's AI helps us make a risk-based pre-selection for extensive construction contracts. The cross-document context search systematically works through a risk checklist in a matter of seconds so that projects with very critical contract terms can be identified at an early stage.
Marie Heuer
Marie HeuerLegal Manager
RightNow Group
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30% time gain
With Codefy our knowledge management finally works the way it should. We can flexibly structure our content and find relevant information immediately. As early as two weeks into using Codefy, the software was saving 30% of my time.
Charalampos Aslanidis
Charalampos AslanidisProject Manager
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20% more efficiency from day 1
Codefy’s tag workflow alone works so well that we were able to review contracts 20% faster from day one. With Codefy even very extensive contracts can be analyzed quickly and reliably.

Ministries, leading companies
and legal service providers work with Codefy.

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