Master complex procedures.

With the Codefy Hybrid AI®, manage mass claims,
efficiently search through and structure legal documents and never miss a thing.

Ministries, leading companies
and legal service providers work with Codefy.

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1. Problem

Why does Codefy exist?

Why does Codefy exist?

To unburden the judicial system.

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Mass claims

In recent years, the rapid upgrade of law firms with legal tech has enabled a highly automated production of lawsuits. The well over 100,000 diesel lawsuits are just the beginning. Mass lawsuits are increasingly flooding the courts.

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Complex proceedings

As a result of digital possibilities, files have increased in size and complexity. As a result, the processing time for first-instance proceedings in civil courts has increased by over 40% since 1995.

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Labor shortage

By 2030, a significant proportion of today's skilled workers will retire. This is already leading to massive productivity losses and will become even more acute.

What does Codefy offer?

A digital justice assistant with artificial intelligence.

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Codefy is a high-tech solution that allows judges to efficiently manage mass litigation, quickly structure complex proceedings, and share knowledge among colleagues.

The Codefy Hybrid AI® is a flexibly configurable tool that makes the modern possibilities of artificial intelligence available to the judicial system and assists judges in their daily work.

Sift 1,000 pages
in 1 second

Never click through endless individual documents again. With Codefy you can find any content that you need to make a decision within seconds.

review assistants

With the help of Artificial Intelligence you can search through files faster, let the Codefy Hybrid AI® perform repetitive file analysis tasks, and ensure quality.

Relation and
file structuring

Read once, remember everything. In Codefy, you can quickly and easily create overview tables and structure files by content while reading.

What can Codefy be used for?

For mass claims and complex proceedings.

Codefy for mass claims

AI-assisted determinationof all relevant factual aspects.

Creation of relation tables using the review assistant. 

Efficient judgment creation through integrated knowledge and template management.

Codefy for complex procedures

Cross-file content search.

AI-assisted review of legal documents and attachments.

Efficient judgment creation through integrated knowledge and template management.

Experience Codefy in use.

What our customers say.

Dr. Benedikt M. Quarch, M.A.
Dr. Benedikt M. Quarch, M.A.Co-Founder und Managing Director
RightNow Group
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Next level knowledge management
As a highly efficient legal tech company, a performant knowledge management is very important to us. We have tried many solutions. With Codefy we have finally found what we're looking for.
Stefan Beßling
Stefan Beßling Managing Partner
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High speed contract analysis
Codefy does not only speed up our contract analysis immensely, but it secures the quality of our work results and improves it further.
Marie Heuer
Marie HeuerLegal Manager
RightNow Group
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30% time gain
With Codefy our knowledge management finally works the way it should. We can flexibly structure our content and find relevant information immediately. As early as two weeks into using Codefy, the software was saving 30% of my time.
Charalampos Aslanidis
Charalampos AslanidisProject Manager
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20% more efficiency from day 1
Codefy’s tag workflow alone works so well that we were able to review contracts 20% faster from day one. With Codefy even very extensive contracts can be analyzed quickly and reliably.

Shaping digitalisation.

As recognised experts in the field of digitalization, artificial intelligence and legal innovation, we are part of the editorship and advisory board of renowned journals and publish articles regularly.
We are happy to share this expertise with you.

REthinking Law 2022/5,
Handelsblatt Fachmedien:

REthinking Law 2022/3,
Handelsblatt Fachmedien:

REthinking Law 2021/2,
Handelsblatt Fachmedien:
Editorship and lead article.

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WIR SIND ein Tech-Startup aus Heidelberg mit Schwerpunkten in den Bereichen Natural Language Processing, Text Analytics und Search. Wir arbeiten an innovativen Software-Tools für Juristen.
WIR SIND ein Tech-Startup aus Heidelberg mit Schwerpunkten in den Bereichen Natural Language Processing, Text Analytics und Search. Wir arbeiten an innovativen Software-Tools für Juristen.

WIR SUCHEN motivierte Studierende (m/w/d) mit Lust auf Innovation im Schnittstellenbereich zwischen Technologie und Recht, die uns im Rahmen eines Softwarepraktikums kennenlernen möchten. (Eine Anrechnung des Praktikums als Studienleistung ist möglich.).

WIR BIETEN bedeutsame Aufgaben in einem Team hochqualifizierter Informatiker und Juristen, flexible Praktikumszeiten und die Perspektive, Teil unseres Teams zu werden.
Bewerbungen sind per Mail an yuan@codefy.de zu richten. Der Bewerbung sind eine kurze Schilderung der Motivation sowie ein Lebenslauf unter besonderer Hervorhebung der Programmierkenntnisse beizufügen.

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